Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My rambling best

Not that I got any wiser all this while I wasn’t around, I just got older. I had nothing interesting to write and likewise, I don’t harbor any lofty intentions to pen some ambitious fiction today. I am just rambling around, doing what I am best at.

I think for some reason, my most important thoughts and ideas struck me when I’m in the bathroom. Not to mention I am also at my creative supreme. I see every possible way the tile patterns can take on and the curtains may sway. Don’t know if it happens with others too.

I have grown up with a mother who loves tea. But lots of RA medicines and little bit of will power has got me off it. Just that I wonder if something else can replace what a steaming cup of tea does. I am talking about that fleeting moment of self-introspection and opening a conversation with the known or unacquainted.

Addiction makes one lonely or shameful. I was passing by a dimly lit street near my home yesterday and witnessed a street urchin desperately sniffing whitener ink puffed inside a blown up polythene bag. I don’t know if he was inhaling for life or for death. I wish I could help him unlearn the learned helplessness.

Recently I became acutely aware of the uncertainties of life. One day it gives you a beautiful sunshine and the other day it asks you to choose your disaster- Earthquake, Tsunami or Radiation? At the same time, I appreciate the human capacity to adapt and conciliate without any conscious efforts. We don’t discover our strength to live homeless until our roofs are taken away. The stories of a beautiful past, a disastrous present and the hope for a new future are muddled together on same ground. I pray all that exists now, lives on.

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