Thursday, May 21, 2009

One weak moment, is all it takes...

Luis: "Today Mother Nature taught me a very important lesson."

Arpaaaaaa: "What?"

Luis: "That it takes only one weak moment for you to give in and someone else to eat you up..alive!"

Arpaaaaaa (Eyes rolling..not used to such profound statements coming from Luis): "Hmm….Why? What happened?"

Luis: "I was sitting in the bus. A bird was trying to feed on a piece of bread on the road. And whoop it was run over by a car. Almost lifeless and shaky, it still struggled hard and was trying its best to flip its wings and fly… And there you are….It was squashed to pulp by another car. Enters in the picture a big raven…and starts feeding on the debilitated bird while it is still alive!! So you see..that one bloody vulnerable moment is all it takes.."

So people what did you learn?

Moral of the story 1: Your one weak moment is exploited enough to make your existence no less than a living corpse.

Moral of the story2: You shouldn’t eat in the middle of the road.


Harish Nandagopal said...

lolz..!! from luis.. really gud statements dude.. HI5..!! :D

Arpita said...

Oh dude..this was just a sampler from him..I got loads of others to share in my kitty!