Sunday, May 1, 2011

I honk, therefore I am.

Life for me was simple. All I wanted was to stumble upon love and have bonny babies. But looks like that’s not all that’s going to be on my wish-list! I also wish people DON' T honk, unnecessarily that is.

I understand that I’m just another boring dork sitting on the bus trying to appreciate the inconsequential tiny little everyday details. Infinitesimally small as I may exist on Earth, but I do matter... right? But when you honk, you regurgitate my brain out of its skull, savagely kill my thoughts and whisk my musings out of the window! Yes you do.

I know, you haven’t got much time to entertain issues like peaceful co-existence.And I am doubtful if I may change the world today! I contemplate you are God-like busy and that's why you supra bleep. All I want to say is that honking is as ugly as people pissing on the streets. Slow down a bit, you won’t lose a thing.