Thursday, November 27, 2008

Since when did life become so cheap?

Incompetent system.
Religious intolerance.
Few embittered-frustrated entities.

Solution? Simply bomb the people!

A total obliteration of what once existed as life, reducing it to nothing but ashes.

No grave or no one’s left to visit it.

And just in case if any traces of you is still breathing life, it sifts through ashes in a vain attempt to put together what’s left, like pieces of a puzzle. Alas, no matter how you join them, the voids still remain. Forever.

“We mourn the dead” goes the fucking, stuck up record again!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


With a ginormous bunch of non-literal activities jamming up my days, chasing the blog comments with prompt replies is just not happening!

But I promise, I will reply to one and all very soon :)

Till then keep the faith!


Season's first snow!

It was beautiful.

Waking up and watching the soft fluffy snowflakes glide gently on earth.

P.S. The measly camera phone did not do justice to the picturesque virgin snow..
Wish I could capture what I saw!

Ahem....BTW someone in THE US of A might be feeling J!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Countdown Has Begun!

It’s been 1 year, 1 month, 10 days and 21 hours since I last saw them.

Home. Family. Friends. My roots.

Work is splintering my spine.

I’m not sleepy.

I’m not hungry.

With 10 more days to go, I just keep reciting to myself “I will be home”

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Testifying 20 years of togetherness...

I used to ask her what she thought of me. She used to pass it off saying a few syllables aren’t good enough to testify a relationship.

Though the world may assume this an ostentatious display, I take the liberty of adducing her unconditional love and affection with an exaggerated dignity.

Whenever I read it, I’m linguistically challenged, for it’s the poverty of the language which doesn’t allow one to substitute emotions with appropriate literal expressions.

Only I know what this means to me.

"Here Iam, writing a testimonial for my sister because her incessant coaxing and cursing gives me sleepless nights. Iam not doing that to embellish her profile or glorify our love for each other.But before i begin, all i want to say is that, the most difficult task in this whole universe is to testify your relationship with someone without whose presence, it is impossible to define what life actually means to you.

The day Bunty announced that she would be moving to Germany for her higher studies, i was devastated. I try every single moment to be in her shoes, emulate her and eventually adjust to her absence, but at the end of the day, i succumb to my inabilities. I miss the day when she used to pack my lunch(jam bread) whenever mummy used to fall sick and i wud relish that. I remember how we both used to do window shopping in 'Anzal plaza' and pacify Tumpa with small treats if we left her at home.

I sit and reminisce how i gulped down yummy cakes baked by her under one breath and eventually mummy wud lock them away in the cupboard. Whenever i walk past Archies, iam reminded of the New Year errands of buying cards for friends, which i used to carry out with her. Chhoti chhoti cheezen hain...How can i summarize the 20 years i spent with her in a few bytes.

Sometimes, i hold her clothes close to myself and holding back my tears, try to feel the warmth she exuded. Before she was about to leave for the airport this time, she staggered into every room cluelessly, crying miserably, as if trying to gather and carry memories along with her. I think of that day and burst into tears. I know my words would sound like an overstatement to some people, but do i care?
People say iam a recluse, way too reserved but if i have the two most beautiful women in the world as my sisters, i really wouldn't bother not being in friends with others.

Sometimes, i feel dejected, trying too hard to keep our family together and take care of their small issues the way she did but unable to match her fervour and intrepidity. To the world, blue is blue but if its red for bunty, its red for me as well. I hope this illustration works in my favour.Bunty,gup nahin maar rahin hun. Believe me. For me,you are perfect in every sense and iam proud to say that we are blessed to have a sister like you in our life. Had i been a guy, i would have married her. Kitni SEXY hai meri behen. Sorry,not able to show my literary skills in this testimonial.Iam perplexed, as if what else to write.

All i want to say is, just be the strong woman you are.

Iam looking forward to the day when i will embrace my Germany returned, accent maarne waali Dr.bunty, elated, that she's still the very same person i have spent the 20 most beautiful years of my life with.

I love you, sis!!!"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bad day ?? Naaaah :)

Today was a big time disaster.

The Lab Meeting was extremely sloppy, long and unproductive.

Following which, I ended up wasting myself and the highly awaited, 15 min lunch break with a dandy’s intellectually stagnant, self-indulgent crap. Wish I could empty the whole ketchup sachet up his nose!!
The supposedly progressive thinker didn’t approve of teetotaler, non-smoking females. Apparently we are not-so-smart-and-not-so-happening-fusty parcels-of-the-opposite-sex, who are darn unsure of themselves.
Indeed. I’m stuck-up-in stone age because I sip lemonade , I’m uncool because I don’t play psychedelic rock and I’m not smart because I don’t know how to exclaim “Bravo” to my boss’s highly stupid ideas which are fit enough to make their way in to the Encyclopedia of Idiocy. But then I have learned to be myself, with most ease and least noise and that too without falling off the bar stools every night!And I’m happy about it. Period.

BTW, people don’t look cool, charming and articulate with their fly unzipped, either. So, dude rather channelize your attention at the right places.

Well, the long lasting feud between back pain and work eventuated in busting up my whole day, experiments included! Hahahahaha. Sleepy and exhausted as I returned to my office to finally gulp down a glass of water . Yipeeee!!!!The Boss popped out of nowhere to irk me further. I tried to act busy, but as lady luck would have it…Ping! Calvin and Hobbes waiting on a minimized window suddenly showed up. (Yeah, I’m indebted to mankind for coining the over-rated word “Luck”..the blaming business becomes easier, even if it does no other good!).

God you really know which buttons of mine to push..and you push them with greatest deliberation, don’t you?

But, as always, C&H was worth the embarrassment. Cracked me up, for good.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How does it feel to be a mother?

As the two decades swirled and collided inharmoniously before her sleepless eyes,
A seldom heard yet unambiguous voice intruded the soundless, imperturbable night.

The unimpeded, proverbial cry ceased to comply with the defined code of silence,
Piercing through the edifice, it screamed for an identity, with no temporal preference.

The empty pair of eyes impetuously wondered, how it felt to beget someone who was no one else’s but hers,
With the same crimson taint in its blood, a flawless reflection of her, albeit with no errs.

A blank slate, on which she could candidly scribble and versify her life,
That missing piece of her story, when amalgamated, everything would be described.

But anon she cognised, motherhood was not to be chosen for its own sake,
The nestling deserved to be none other than its own self, immaculate and not fake.

Someone with no predicaments, for it was to be a creation of its own,
A unique masterpiece with no proprietor; chaste,exuberant and unowned.