Sunday, January 10, 2016

The first this year

‘You continue to do it throughout the year what you did on the first day’, or so I have been told. Having written a post on January 1, 2015 had given me the presumptuous cheek to believe that I would frequent this space. Which obviously I didn’t.  So there you go, maybe I have broken the myth.

A year has passed. I am surprised how immeasurable time is. While happiness consumes it faster than you fathom, a volume of spiritless days can choke like the glop in a clogged drain. Thankfully, last year in my head is like fuzz, light and fluffy, which tells me that I should have been in a good place.

The New Year and My Resolutions have always been like the hostile cousins who met every summer, gave each other a black eye but played along since it was a single occurrence an year. It was never fun. So, this time the cousins don't meet, not until I learn to absolutely adhere to an idea or desire strongly enough to not change my mind.

While resolutions don’t matter much this year , hopes still do. Silly hopes.

Hope that every coming year my parents age a little less. Hope that my sisters are happier. Hope that I wake up every day to toothpaste on my wet toothbrush and a cup of Ovomaltine  on the kitchen table. Hope that my husband  loves me  the way he does and while he is at it, still empties the dishwasher (because there are days in a year when I feel that dirty dishes can go somewhere and die). Hope that simple things continue to exist and so do good books and kindness.

I hope that everyone has something to hope for. Happy New Year.