Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where's the sunshine?

Here’s the truth: I’m bored! Extremely jaded by Hannover’s weather which consists of a daily potion of wind and rain! The clouds slop and slosh like nobody’s business and this summer especially was nothing but perpetual downpour and mould in the air. The big-fat clouds here follow the sun like a serial killer and butcher even a bright, crisp, spotless day into gloomy shades of gray. If it's this cold in July, I wonder what we have in store for winters this year. I wish God would stop soaking our brains and let us kick back into summer with some sunshine.Amen.


Friday, July 20, 2012

It's been so long

No, I haven’t abandoned the blog. I have merely been distracted by the Life happening to me. As much as I am overjoyed by the beauty of it, likewise, I am overwhelmed by its impetuosity. It’s been blissful yet exhausting.

Funny as it may sound, sometimes when you have everything that you wished to have, you no longer have the clue what to do with it! Steering a job, a home and a husband (The best-est. Yes, he really is) leaves me with only enough time to do things I should do but not for what I like to do. How I wish for a day I could write, read snuggling inside a blanket and snooze off into la-la land. But, hell, I’m always busy or so I believe.
Life you’re good, just that I fathom following you with placid, noiseless footsteps.  Slow down stupid!

Photo courtesy: http://4freephotos.com