Sunday, May 3, 2009

Silence makes sound...

I have lamented speaking…. often enough to realize that sometimes silence is far better than imprudent speech. On occasions when I preferred to be silent than talking, made me believe more and more that silence is indeed one of the most commanding form of human expression. At least I sought solace in the fact that it was easier to live with what I didn’t say than what I did. (I Love You’s, Thank You’s and I’m Sorry’s being the exceptions)

Silence, however, many a times is misinterpreted for professing consent or conducting a fallacy in support of which you hold no supportive argument.

A sign of weakness.

But times when I was silent and people thought I was weak, I think they were wrong.

Silence is not being inert. It’s not the absence of words.

You are silent when you don’t wish to attend every argument you are invited to. You are silent when it’s beneath your dignity to respond. You are silent when you don’t need to justify your demeanour. You are silent when you loose faith in a person and with all said and done before; it’s not worth a repetition anymore.

You are silent when your actions are more expressive than words.

You are silent when a moment seems beautiful..flawless and perfect without the need of words.

Sometimes, words by themselves are impotent. It’s silence which makes the sound.

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