Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Confessions of an ex-unemployed

A job is not just a job. It means much more to us than we think it does. If you don’t believe, ask me. I have been a victim of the "You have a job right? OMG you don't?" malady. Moving in and out of jobs has been distasteful and being there I assure you, empathy is never on the menu!

When I started working as a PhD student I loved the very moment of my financial independence. To pursue a degree in Germany without making my parents run a “money -worry” in their head brought along unaccustomed self-reliance. In retrospect, I think it was all about money at that time.

So far so good. But then, I became Dr. Arpita and was ushered in to a world where contrary to the popular belief, we PhD’s did have trouble finding work. After pushing myself so hard all my life to have a career, I was without one. Being unemployed affected the rest of my viability in ways I could hardly comprehend. Every day I was obsessed over the fact that may be “I read too much or didn’t read enough!” The very sense of purpose was lost. I was eating less, sleeping less but plaguing myself and people around me more and more. Especially JR. We spent all our time worrying together, brooding together and getting irritated together- but still doing it together, and I thank God for that :)

Today I am employed. I don’t know if I have landed with a job I love or financially I am where I would love to see myself. All I can say it has just begun and in the light of all circumstances I know it means a lot to me. And it’s not only about money this time. It’s about independence, confidence, self-worth and goals in life. It’s about dreams. It’s about envisioning a beautiful life with JR and working towards making it happen. It’s about contentment.

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