Sunday, April 11, 2010

The girl returns

So, the blog is finally emerging out of coma after 3 months. And in my book, that is long.

I submitted my PhD thesis last Friday. The text embellished with glossy pictures is a memento; a reminder of the weeks that slumped into months and months that broke into years, under my work bench.

It feels inexplicably good…I slept as if the Sun had disappeared, total solar eclipse! The dash-in and dish-out meals were kind of getting on my nerves for long, so I took good amount of time to put up a decent meal. Karaoke was fun too, I croaked till the neighbours found me agreeable. I started with a book yesterday and am already half way through it.

But amidst all the other stuff I did, I have no clue why I didn’t feel like writing anymore. I guess being away from the blog takes passivity to a new level. Either your thoughts become as outdated as embroidered denim or the ones bubbling inside your head in real time, fail to find meaningful expressions.

And yes, people enjoying your absence and selling flowers and cakes on your blog, is highly demoralizing as well!!
>>>>> “Send your good taste to celebration by delivering our mouthwatering cakes to Delhi and exotic flowers to Delhi and leave a cherished memory with them. Add zing to the special occasions of your acquaintances in Delhi by sending our fantastic flowers and tasty cakes. Please” ???????????

Nonetheless, doubtful I'd pull it off, I tried. And guess, it was worth it.

So here's three cheers for the blog, hell yeah..I am back :)

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