Sunday, August 17, 2008

The silent adieu.

Goodbyes make you think, invariably.

They make you retrospect as to what you've had and introspect what you've taken for granted and just let go.

An unfortunate day, when one of your loved ones passed away. You knew the end was near, but you just couldn’t give that last peck on the cheek because you were in conscious denial of the worst.

The day when you left your home for the first time, your first leap to independence. In those numb moments you just couldn’t gather yourself enough, to let your family know how much you loved them.

The moment when you bid farewell, to one of your friends, for good. The train started moving, you stood near the wagon door, smiling and waving goodbye.Until struggling through tears, you lost the sight thinning in to the fog. You never said how much you would miss the times spent together.

Sadly, when you realized that the lifespan of your pet was shorter than yours and you just couldn’t buy yourself more time to cuddle it for the last time.

Or meeting a stranger, someone you barely knew and ever seen before. An event that slipped passed your moral sensors and which you considered flat-out foolishness. But when you said adios and realized that you are not going to see that someone for a long time or, worst yet, ever again, it created a void.

We may never know what to say when the inevitable goodbye arrives. But saying the fair share of I love you’s , Thank you’s and Sorry’s may help in reducing the remorse .

It is better to have spoken them, rather now, than never at all. For just like gravity, everybody knows that love, gratitude and apologies exist, but if it’s silent it isn't much use to anyone.


Cheena said...


Kya ho gaya??? Itni senti post.. I guess u still having trouble finding a suitable replacement!!


Anand said...

nice post. i hv no clue what exactly it refers to, but its moving one.
I am big fan of "apologies" (being somebody who makes lots of blunders) but sometimes I don't have much faith in it but your article does help a li't bit in restoring that faith in apologies :-)
Love-you is something you don't want to lament not expresing it.
And, goodbyes to loved ones is something you never want to reach such a moment.

Karthik Sriram said...

Is there some reading between the lines which has to be done?

Arpita said...

Extravagantly emotional? Waise zabardast senti maara na maine..what say?
Well, I’m still continuing with my spectrum of insults and placing the blame, just that the “substitutes” are not bright enough to notice. Yet to find a witty, surrogate scapegoat.

Arpita said...

Well.. it would be gratifying for me, if you could register the obscure connotations :)

Arpita said...

Dude thanks!
Well..If I do not wish to say any one of the three, I'm as obstinate as one can possibly get.You can turn me black n blue, doesn't make a dent.But if I genuinely intend to, I will chop off your ears with my gibber, until you acknowledge..And TOUCH WOOD!!so far no one's hated me for that!