Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just like that

All of you, who have been hi-fiveing each other, thinking I’m dead. How little you know me!! Well..I was just trying to build up some suspense. So, to your disappointment, I’m back!

Life was excessively passive in the past one month. Nothing much to pen down. And munching on the last handful of Kukure from India, I’m sure this post isn’t going to have an uplifting message either!

I have been busy killing my personal life and transmuting into an android. With not a single day off since 01.01.09, the Bangles crooning “Manic Monday” sure get me into never ending splits! But it's the kind of life I have got used to now. I work like there’s no tomorrow and pay my bills on time.

The last pack of Maggi*** is over. So as of now I’m verrrrrrrrrrrrry hungry! And practically hallucinating myself on the couch in front of the television, with Ma bringing me hot “aloo parathas” followed by cold-red-juicy watermelon with the pips spat out. Errrrrr….I think I should shut up lest I’m highly motivated to clean up the drool over my laptop.

Coming to Ma. Lately, she doesn’t seem to be too happy with my bachelorette status. She finds it extremely frugal. Ma…naekami korchi naa. Okieee..getting oneself hitched might reap thousands of benefits...just that right now I don't see it. I am single and confused and economically in the least favourable position to pay off my independence and getting-to-know-each-other phone bills!

It was still bright outside when I left the lab today, so I decided to walk back home. It’s a 20 min walk. But I don’t know why I walked past my home. Just kept on walking…didn’t look at my watch. Have you ever wondered all our lives we are running…either running for something or away from something. May be for those 2 hours today, I walked for no reason. And it was good.

There are some people in your life whom you think you know. But in reality you don’t….at all. And nobody’s at fault. Neither you, nor them. Just that they surround themselves with an impenetrable wall which is difficult to break in. As I've learned, respect the denial.

I am tired of people walking over me and out of my life. The inability to change it and the inadequacy to accept it has made me indifferent..unmoved in a way. I don’t rattle up people with my blistering retorts anymore. I don’t place the blame, even if it’s due and legitimate. If I need to purge I talk to myself. No wonder, apart from being vertically challenged, I’m strange to a lot of people :)

Now, I know it will take you some time to belch over the above volley of crap. To aid the digestion, check out the superrrrrrrr mast picture below. I’m so very glad that my sisters were not fond of painting!

(***Maggi is done in 2 min is a darn myth! It takes 5 min to boil water itself!! I think it’s the biggest marketing hoax ever, fiddling with consumer psychology esp when people are absolutely famished! So who ever spread the rumour should be made to eat overcooked-watery-maggi-without-forks-with-dirty-hands. Period.)