Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Dad's virtual world!

My dad is just about one of my favorite people on this planet. He’s our family encyclopedia, a brilliant photographer and a great musician...someone we always look up to. But above all he’s a real cute guy, just that he doesn’t know that he is one ;)

My dad never got an opportunity to use computer at work (he had Mr. Personal Assistant), so basically he was never good at it. But now that he is retired, he has made a personal e-mail ID (other than his official mail) and has started exploring the cyber world. How the mighty have fallen! He is catching up real fast and enjoying it too. It’s nice to see that the “The Computer” is not an alien anymore! Just that my heart reaches out to him when he helplessly searches for keys and that only one finger from his right hand does all the typing. Nothing says “Love Me” like the child inside my 60+ dad :)

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Vikram Karve said...

Nicely written.
Technology changes us and yes, even the "mighty" have no choice but to learn technology.
I guess your dad will start blogging soon.
Wish him All the Best

Billal said...

Nice post, and great blog!

Arpita said...

@Vikram Karve:Thank you sir for writing in! Its a pleasure to have you here.I haven't introduced him to the blogging world as yet, although I am sure he writes very well (I still check with him my official documents :))

Arpita said...

@Billal : Thanks a bunch :)