Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chintan over Chai...

The biscuit dissolved, leaving a body-less glob underneath the tea in my cup.
So did my thoughts.

Eventually, deliquescing into a helpless smile, I wondered.
It would take just another spoonful of year to sip tea from the same blue cups I did as a child.


tanuj solanki said...

hmm... u write well when you are writing of memories and chilhood..

u miss things a lot it seems!

Harish Nandagopal said...

waise u do get blue cups here.. if it helps simulating the past..!! :D

Arpita said...

Well..its bit of an oddity for some to revisit dead moments.

But, yes, I hold high reverence for my much as I anticipate for my future :)

Arpita said...

Oh..I should thank God for bestowing me with friends who have so much consideration for me, or lack of it there-of!!!!

Nonetheless, trust me,I would be more than glad if you could get me one.

Please find the picture in your inbox :)

BTW to make your job easier, the cup is chipped on the rims and the handle is a little broken (1.5 mm to be precise) at the bottom.


Munmun said...

Now,kindly tell me dear,which blue cup are you talking about?? We do have blue cups,but they aren't that chipped...Baisantry household ko badnaam mat kar,besharam...jis thaali mein khaya,usme hi drilling machine ka "upyog" kar diya?

Arpita said...

I should kill myself!!

You demented people!!!
Tum sab mere blue cups ke peeche pad gaye ho!!!
(The royal blue ones with white flowers...khush??)
Bachcha mere..ab before you ask for the factory doing the cups and year of manufacture,am telling you myself...I donno!!

BTW thaali main nai khaya..toote cup main chai ki sip maari thi:)