Friday, January 1, 2010

In 2010, thou shalt:

1. Prioritize amongst health, work and people.

2. Strictly stick to 1.

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SUKHADA said...

Correct, Baisantry!
Life has already been so much a race, now take your time yaar, chill even while working.. Finally at the end of the day when you are on your bed trying to go in another world (of dreams, hopefully sweet :))you will feel no other thing except pain in this or the other part, if you do not follow the "Baisantry preference list" :). So just relax your muscles and dont let pyruvate cumulate! :)

We all have worked enough to score A grades during schools, see now they are following us even in India. They started with the grade system in board exams! SO moral of the story is that noone is gonna ask you how crap were your papers during boards!
Follow Ranchhodas baba of 3 idiots.. Are yaar everyone will work, but why when someone else says...
Think and then work.. May be smallest projects that you work on gets to a stage that you think is worth it!
Good health and good luck for all, also to you, Baisantry (Specially! :))

SUKHADA said...

I would like to add that I heard a quote some years back which applies to the last priority of Baisantry's preference list (people). Its us who makes people, so its for me and equally for all of you.
It says " everyday we are given stones, its us who decide what to build with those, a bridge or a wall...Choice is ours!
SO its only OUR attitude..

Dont worry about those who want to build a wal1 and you dont have to worrY FOR THOSE who make a bridge...

In essence, Do Not Worry!

Anuhar said...

Jada Samajh nahin aaya, English kafi high fi thi
Jai Mata di

Arpita said...

Hey baby!!!Thanks a bunch for writing in:)
Yep..Am trying to take life easy now..Can't run anymore..literally and otherwise;)

Dreams???hahahaha..Ibuprofen 1200 mg dose khakar toh main dreams main bhi flat ho jaati hoon ;)

And if I am given stones..hmm..all my stones would be hurled on "Maharaj's" head..tadpa tadpa ke pelt karti badtameez ko :P

Arpita said...

Kshama keejiye..Humain katayi is baat ka gyaan nahi tha ki hamare "prakashan patra" ka abhipraya samajhna aapke liye itna kathin hoga!
English tutuions le lo:P
Jo bole so nihaal!Sirf Sardar and Anuhar bole sat sri akaal.

justforpraveen said...

Good :)