Monday, December 28, 2009

Booz Buddies??? I bet ;)


justforpraveen said...

Hey.. not necessary booz buddes.. they can be just friends :)

Wish you very Happy New Year 2010

Krishna said...

Hey Arpita

well that one is naughty though on the cartoon.

by the way, u can talk a lot with ur boozing friends- i mean a lot of variety incl. non-sense..

any thoughts/comments?

anyways I wish u a good year ahead..

VG aus Aalen

Arpita said...

Thanks Praveen..wish you a very happy new year as well!

Hey the probability of the mugger, the censor and the jury becoming the best-o' buddies is highest during a “bring on the booze” session;...But don't bother..I was just trying to get a humorous sting :)

Arpita said...

Krishna aus Aalen, “the big city”??
How are you doing? Thanks for writing in and wish you a very happy new year as well :)

Yep....a drunk speaks his sober mind. Especially so, amongst a league of boozers where the “verbal puke” is judged least. Tipsy friends are low on reasoning ;)

krishna said...

I am doing good.

and Yes, indeed the city is growing bigger everyday almost consuming Ulm :)

So what are ur plans for Sankranti?

Arpita said...

OMG I am scared!mwaahahahahahaha

Sankranti??Well..scrubbing the house clean...some sweets...pooja, that's it..What are you upto? Soul cleansing?:P

Krishna said...

Well offcos, Sankranti needs some prayers to the Sun, asking him to turn on from next week.

and..going to Ulm (mean aalen's suburbs) to eat your sweets--thats the part of soul cleansing

so what is it u r making?? :)