Monday, February 9, 2009



For the zillionth time, someone pasted that label on me!

Ten years ago and I would have said that the statement was unjustifiably judgemental; today it’s more than a cliché!

The world belongs to “the normal”, “the obvious”, “the usual” and “the politically correct”. Unfortunately I haven’t always done the right thing!

My birth certificate classifies me a Homo sapiens...I doubt if I belong to this world! HaHaHa


Ever supporting ABCD said...

Not that it bothers you, but who cares what others (The inconsequential bunch) say!!!

Arpita said...

@ Arre mere ever-supporting ABCD, 'ever' ke aage "N" lagana bhool gaye kya??

Nope dude..The world keeps gouging, but doesn't make a dent!! wonder why I see it coming from you, the "Ek number anomaly" himself ;)