Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Before I die!

If there's one thing that stands tall on "My bucket list of things to do before I die"..its got to be meeting THE A.R.Rehman. In person.

Its "Rehna Tu" making nth round on the player and Iam so very glad that he grabbed the mic and did the song.

With music so profound, everything he creates just feels like an anthem to me!


P.S.Those who do not believe in the audacity of the thought, you better do ;)


Harish Nandagopal said...

you bet..!!

tanuj solanki said...

thought is dead.

justforpraveen said...

Well I have met him once at Mumbai airport. He was sitting in the next row of seats in the same flight.I got few minutes to chat with him. I met Sunidhi chauhan as well.

And ofc I posed myself as a big fan though I am not hi hi [:-D]

Elamparithi said...

u r right
he is an genius
delhi 6 is ..again a master piece

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Not a problem..
you follow him wherever he goes..
you will definitely get a chance to meet least in a concert..
all the best

Arpita said...

I do!

Arpita said...

@Tanuj I see "The God" doing the talking!

Arpita said...

Quite a handful of musical encounters!Phenk rahen hai kya??Hahahahaha..Just kiddin!
BTW there's an Anti-Non-Rehman-Liking clan in the making, right inside my you better start appreciating him!hahahaha

Arpita said...

I mean not only the recent ones..I have listened to some of his initial does one make music like that???Where does the melody come from?

Arpita said...

Well..Mr.Rehman's itinerary is rather difficult to follow!!
But concert seems a good possibly :)
BTW, great to have you stop by and put forth your 2 cents..Keep writin in!

justforpraveen said...

Nah ji .Just been so lucky. Hindi songs are really off my charts these days. In the past I did used to love rehman songs