Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In retrospect

The greasy kitchen tiles abandon the oil, each drop at a time falling passively.
Pink Bougainvillea has lost its battle with the mould on the balcony walls.
Uncapped pens lie orphan in the crowded drawers. The ink has dried up.
Thin crust of paint crumbles down from the ceiling , uncovering the emptiness that lies beneath.
Smothered within the piles of laundry, the laughter no longer refrains.
Nervous, sweaty hands stir the insipid curry, it seems one of the ingredients is missing; happiness, may be?
Tears trickle down unnoticed behind a pair of spectacles, the salt encrusted within the folds of the book leave a trail though.
Permanent wrinkles have replaced what were faint smiles once.

A faded, torn, black and white memory is all that remains, for the time is forgotten long ago.

The past is no longer where I left it.
I step inside the roof , only to find myself older.


Aparna Radhakrishnan said...

The lines that talk about "the missing ingredient".. and "tears trickling down unnoticed".. make me experience the feelin as that of the writer.
That's the sign of a good writer! (and reader :)) ..
I hope the folder gets unlocked (if need be)to transform the tears into smiles. Good one!

btw the blog's title is great too!

tanuj solanki said...

omg! this was genious... and I am underplaying it a lot by calling it just that!

tanuj solanki said...


spellings gone haywire these days... so are u back to the blog?

Arpita said...

Hey Tx a bunch!

Well...to be candid,a poet can't rule out the autobiographical element from his verses..to which extent, is upto the speculation of the reader!

Arpita said...


Well...it ain't a genius..for it hasn't made to Mr.Poet's "Random Fav. Poems" as yet ;)hahahahaha


tanuj solanki said...


Well I did broadcast it on facebook... so there are many silent readers appreciating ur work i am sure. You wud have seen if you were on FB...

anyways, it is on RFP too!


Arpita said...

Hey I never knew being nasty pays you such rich dividends!!
But jokes apart, am overwhelmed by the appreciation.
Thank you :)

Yeah, I don’t belong to any of the social networking forums.Guess I am not motivated enough to scribble on peoples' "walls".. hahahaha

tanuj solanki said...

facebook is very different... try if u pls...

it can connect to a lot of good poetry too!

tanuj solanki said...

and hey!! u did miss a lot of what i wrote in the meanwhile... i await some feedback!!

Rhett said...

Very well written. The images are great in the beginning and the poem comes around in the end to give it all a voice. I wouldn't say genius but yes exceptionally good.

w.r.t. the conversation abv b/w u n tanuj: I came thru the link tanuj posted at his blog.

Arpita said...

Thank you.
I’m glad you dropped by and told exactly what YOU have to say! An intended response is least fun :)

Oh yes, Thanks to Tanuj, the poem could reach out to a greater audience.