Thursday, November 27, 2008

Since when did life become so cheap?

Incompetent system.
Religious intolerance.
Few embittered-frustrated entities.

Solution? Simply bomb the people!

A total obliteration of what once existed as life, reducing it to nothing but ashes.

No grave or no one’s left to visit it.

And just in case if any traces of you is still breathing life, it sifts through ashes in a vain attempt to put together what’s left, like pieces of a puzzle. Alas, no matter how you join them, the voids still remain. Forever.

“We mourn the dead” goes the fucking, stuck up record again!


tanuj solanki said...

It sure is appalling Arpita...

As I have mentioned it on my blog (and I heard it on TV)-- if educated young men decide to die... for any cause... no system can stop them from being dangerous!

Our system... however fucked... cant stop such attacks!

No system can... this is humanity's failure!!

But having said that... if humanity doesn't improve... our system will have to stoop!

I think the retaliation has to be immediate and severe... or else we have already lost whatever war this is!

I want a war... I know it is a stupid demand... But I as a civilian want my government to KILL anyone who was even remotely involved in this and other attacks...

I want them dead... and if it takes WAR to do that... I am ready...

Indian citizenry needs to push over the decision makers...

India is not a super-power... WE are FUCKED inside... and we need someone who gives nirvana to this civilization...

Two centuries of possible conflict or two hours of action...

This is like Mahabharata... The Choice that Pandavas had... live a scary life in the forest...or stand up and ask for the five villages...

Our country needs to decide... more of this slow death...or action... with the hope of victory!

Elamparithi said...

u r right....War on Mumbai - it traumatised, created angry and frustration. Where r we Indians heading and how did we let it go….whom to blame…the religious intolerance, or the politicians who always keep babar or lord rama as their polling agents (in election booths). Anyhow, we should not let these ass holes go on doing insane acts.

Arpita said...

All these years I failed to understand, is man inherently violent or was it a mental evolution. Something he learned initially as a spectator which he assimilated to become a perpetrator.

Reading the above piece paints a hateful imagery.

Impulsive violence.

Tanuj, educate me regarding your “Two hours of action”.

You advocate retaliation against whom and how? An ounce of rational action rather than profound words makes more sense to me.

Are there reasons good enough to ever justify that physically wiping out one fork of the human race is the only and best defensive counter attack. For I don’t know how to sift gray out of a black-n-white canvas without scratching the picture.

One can’t condone terrorism and propagate violence at the same time. Even if I choose to rage a war myself, not against people but their perception, presumptions and attitude(which I believe is where the problem lies), I'm sorry to confess I don’t know how.

But I can’t attain global peace with a gun in hand, for sure. With no excuses and no exceptions.

Arpita said...

The blaming business never suffices.
The question is not what or who..
The question is how..Its difficult fix a quater of over billion people screwed up in their heads!
Unless there is an acceptance of flaw in the thought process nothing will help..Sad!