Saturday, September 19, 2009

We are addicted. Me and the "Desperate Housefly"

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let me introduce you to my latest obsession ----->>

I have been hooked on to it and I guess so is Mr. Bzzzzzzz, my pet pest.

He (considering his unconditional affection for me , I am sure "it" is a "he" and that is how he shall be addressed) is a housefly, who is been keeping me some good company since the last few days, especially during the nights ;)

After the initial attempts of swatting him away from fluttering all over me, I gave in.

With his undaunted "zzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin", I think he adds on to the melody.

Awwwwww....We are such a musical ??


justforpraveen said...

See, you have a company round the clock so enjoy it haha. I am on 24th floor in a building. No female flies ever fly so high to bug me :( :P

Arpita said...

Male or Female, 24th floor is a sure "buzz off".
P.S. What if your lift goes kaput??

justforpraveen said...

Ha Ha.. Well I use stair case all the time.. I am pretty strong you know [:P]

When I was on 14th floor I used to transverse stairs twice every time I returned.

Arpita said...