Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tick tick tick tick tick tick-ah-tick tick tick tick tick tick

Bachaooooooo! I think I will die of an heart attack laughing!!

If you think I have lost it..Probably you are has to, after they see this video. Its a masterpiece.. Simply a gem!!!!

P.S. I am yet to get over the song..its so catchy...Tick tick tick tick tick tick...ah..tick tick tick tick tick tick..darrrrrrrrling...


Harish Nandagopal said...

yeah saw this sometime back.. was laughing for the next half an hour..!! and this guy is a legend in the karnataka film industry..!!

Elamparithi said...

good stress reliever...hhahahha
oh sad its too late to nominate for oscar in best song catagory...lucky A R Rahman

Arpita said...

How rudeeeeeeeeeeeee!! How could you?? Seeing such a thing and not passing on to me!!Tauheen :( :(

Arpita said...

Haahahaha..yeah rrrright..Im sure I ain't ever going in to my Phd-Clinical-Depression mode after this! Life saver for life:)