Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The silent fall

The cold, tyrant wind ushers me away. Faceless and hollow, I bid a mute farewell.
Disowned from your fruitful embrace, which now stands stark and bare; I wish I could rebel.

Restlessly, I wander with an obscure hope that you express solicitude,
But disappointed by your incipient decline, I lay limp around your roots.

Exhausted and bruised, Iam annihilated beneath thousands of unknown rustling feet,
Woe is me.. perils of your betrayal, you chose my death, it’s unsaid but discrete.

Desolated, I wonder, did you breathe your last? Did you ever come to your end?
Or enclosed within your beguiling scarlet cloak, you didn’t perish but only pretend.

I wonder if you were seeking solitude and concomitant liberty, an appeal you extended without a sound,
And will pray for my decay during the interregnum, until the first blade of grass sprouts from the snow covered ground.


Harish - Check it out said...

good work! eventhough, u did mention sorrow brings out the poet in u, they cud use a doze of happiness..!! :)

Arpita said...

Hahahahaha..Thank you!
Well..poetry for me is fleeting.The verses are spawn at the spur of a moment, so weaving in something which is not spontaneous would be analogous to cancellation of my poetic license!

tanuj solanki said...

you too have a common theme in ur poetry...

you did notice the one in mine

I remember you saying you were a sad poet!