Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last fortnight taught me....

1. You are stronger than you think you are. You can walk miles, long after you think you can't. It’s all in the mind.

2. No matter how hurt or disappointed you might be, the world doesn't stop for your grief. Time and tide wait for none, so move on.

3. If you enjoy what you are doing, you will invariably do it well. If you don’t, just quit or stop complaining and give it your best shot.

4. Insist upon telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Even if it kills, you won’t remorse the pain.

5. You are good but not as good as you can be. There’s always scope to learn and improve.

6. When you loose, don’t loose the lesson.

7. To err is human. Learn to forgive yourself first, others will follow soon. Salvation lies within.

8. Take responsibility for all your actions, no matter what you get or how you feel in the end.

9. No one can take away what you have, until you give it away. Being insecure is futile.

10. Anger ends up in shame. When you lose your temper, you already loose the argument.

11. Humour is vital.

12. Shared grief is half the sorrow. If not anyone else, confide your pain to yourself. It helps.

13. Your choices and opinion in life deserve respect and so does everybody else's. Be fair, to even those who can do you absolutely no good.

14. It’s easier to fight for principles than to live up to them. Stand up for what you believe is right, even if you stand alone.

15. When you do good, you get good. When you do bad, you get bad. That’s (MY) religion. You will always reap what you had sown in the first place.

16. People you assume will leave you, when your life has dipped to an all time low, are the ones to pull you through it, take care of you, love you and teach you to trust again. Families aren’t always biological.

17. When you sigh “life isn’t fair”; ask yourself “compared to what?” The true value of things depends entirely on what you are comparing it with. Count your blessings.

18. Loved by few, envied by many, hated by most. Reasons not enough for a pseudo-transformation. Be yourself. At the end of the day, YOU have to face the real you.

19. The one who expects nothing will never be disappointed. Don't love to be loved; love just to love.

20. Nothing endures but change.

21. You are unique and so is everybody else. Nobody can be exactly like you. You might as well have trouble doing it. So, see people as God made them. Love and respect them for what they are and not what you want them to be.

22. You don’t loose unless you give up. And it's always too soon to quit.

23. Life is the best teacher.

24. Time is the best healer.

25. Smile, it’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.


Anand said...

ek fortnight mein hi itna gyaan haasil hogaya to aisa hi kuchh din aur chala to aap to swami arpitanand ban jaayengi after few more fortnights!!!!
I agree with almost all but #19 and #20:
love to just love stage is reached one you have fallen in love and that feeling comes once you have been loved. after that, yes it should be like that.
basics of life don't change. what was good, stays so and same with evil and so is true with many more things, in their true forms. change endures but only on transient things, not on eternal things.
#25 of course cant be left uncommented. Very nice of putting it :-)

Arpita said...

Yogi impersonation? (*cough cough*)..Yeah rrrrrrrrright!
You see one more fortnight bygone and I’ll be on the verge of attaining Moksha!!! Poor mortal you! :P

Regarding love, I beg to differ a little bit.
Nothing for sure can parallel being loved. One solo exception though. If there is anything better than to be loved, it is “loving” and that too without a reason :)

Don't you think the word “eternal” is misleading, if not anything else. What is eternal?? Except the eternal dualism between facts and the reality we choose to accept (“change” in this case).
Good, bad, evil, everything as you cited, is relative and subjective to change. Hence, Heraclitus theory of “change alone is unchanging” finds room, at least in my school of thought.

#25, I love it too :) :) Used to be quoted, very often by one of the dorkiest friend of mine!