Sunday, August 31, 2008

My doting entourage..albeit teeny-weeny ones :)

I love kids.

One of the shelves of my memory will always be occupied with the sketchy anecdotes of my own childhood.

The age when it’s okay to paint the sky pink, make mud pies (and force people to eat them too!!) and imagine a dinosaur as your “bestest” buddy. Being naive isn’t a crime then.

The repertoire of oddness, where living in a fairy house isn’t silly and easing stomach aches with your Dad’s tickle isn’t goofy either.

That knowledge of nothingness until heavy backpacks and practicing phonics sneak in, is fathom too deep for adults to comprehend.

It’s difficult to paint a picture of these auguries of candid vulnerability and innocence in one’s memory forever. Freezing them in a frame is the best I can do.

So here’s an invite to my gallery of innocence with a reminder that this post isn’t a punctuation, there will be surely yet more frames to be included, for I will never grow too old to marvel at the innocence of a toothless smile or the shy grin of a kid hiding behind his mother.

So, here we go......

I'm Johannah and as you can see I'm a verrrrry generous lady. As much as I eat, so does my bib!!But what the heck? I'm independent and I'm learning!

Ahaan..a stunner..well..I'm Miss.Universe in the making :)

Main aur meri tanhai aksar yeh baatein kiya karte khirki se bahar ka nazara kitna fundoo dikhta hai! BTW where are the 'chicks' today??

Hum luka-chuppi ke sikander hain bhai log!!

I'm Mr. Smarty-pants. Wait until I grow up. With that spark in my eyes and a killer smile, I will be a sure shot lady-charmer ;)

Mom!I don't need no education!OK..OK..make it table manners.

Jasmine..Sadde Punjab di kudi. Barely up my waist, she hugged me tight enough, not to let go. Eventually her mom had to practically detangle her and I had to bid goodbye to the teary eyed damsel...awwwww..

The more the merrier!
BTW the kid on the right was initially crying until my enthu-cameraman (Manoj) made him break in to a shy smile.

Does this one need a header? That's a child's touch..genuine, pure and beautiful..something which no earthly riches can buy.

P.S. Since all the pictures were taken on the spur of a moment with a measly N-70 camera phone, they might not have done justice to the Bachcha Party’s original demeanor.

And last but not the least, thanks to one of my bestest buddies Manoj (yeah..yeah..the dinosaur connection isn’t just anectodal!!), not only whose photographic skills deserve a mention but his huge smile too, which was instrumental in getting the parents consent for the pictures.

IMP:The pictures are taken and posted with the solitary intention of symbolising how innocent, carefree and naive a child can possibly be . Please DO NOT copy-paste and distribute the pictures without the author's consent.


Harish - Check it out said...

well, I have competition for ur miss universe in the making

the name's Lara Michell :D

Arpita said...

Surely made me go ga-ga over her nice-bright smile :)
Hey Harish, when it comes to kids..there's no good, better or best..So kudos to both the cutie-pies for making it our respective hall of fame..right?

Harish - Check it out said...

thts true..!! guess innocence beats any other quality for any person...!! this peak innocence is the one which makes these cuties amazingly charming..!!

Anand said...

nice idea. with great results.
this one is a wonderful post. congrats.

Arpita said...

Hey Anand
Danke :)