Thursday, January 1, 2015

All that matters

This New Year’s Eve we did things that felt right. 

Stretched out on the sofa in our faded pants we indulged in the unpretentious pleasure of rice and dal. Called our families; people who have lightened up our dark and melancholy days with their unceasing faith and kindness all these years. Watched beautiful fireworks from our balcony, hugged tight and thanked each other for still giving ourselves innumerable reasons to celebrate. Baked a banana loaf and ate half of it as the clock struck midnight.

We entered a new year again, unfamiliar and unaccustomed..doing things that felt right, doing things that really mattered.


JR said...

Really wonderfully expressed. LOve you :-) Yes we did all these in this new year, but you hav again forgotten that I have made healthy baked samosas for you!! ;-)

arpita baisantry said...

How can I forget? I ate 10 of them by myself! Phir se banao ;)