Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

It's been a year. A spring, a summer, a fall and a winter since I found you.

Looking back, it's been small gestures of love that has made our journey together so worthwhile. Our home has given me the comfort & solace I yearned all my life. And the love that surrounds us has transcended any dreams I ever had.

I know that I can celebrate even the smallest of my achievements with you without being embarrased. I know I can walk down the street with you and point towards my favourite house without feeling stupid .I know I can sulk inside the blanket and beg for 5 more minutes of sleep with you. I know Maggie can be the most amazing dinner when we fight till the end for the last spoon.

Each passing day, I am learning to love you more than myself and as much as my family.

I love to laugh with you and I promise I will annoy you for the rest of my life.

Nothing more, nothing less and as simple as that.

Happy Anniversary!


Vikram Karve said...

A long journey begins with the first step - yes, the first step is the most important one; just like the first year is the most important one in a marriage.
Wish you a happy and enduring married life.

Arpita said...

Thank you so much sir for your lovely wishes:)
And so very true..Sure there were times when things were difficult for us too. We had our learning curves. But we have graduated to realize that as much as we are poles apart, we couldn't have been less alike :)