Sunday, December 19, 2010

Much ado about I Do!

I swear I am going to plonk this answer on all the distressed aunties who ask too frequently, when I am going to get married.

"Once the baby is out & I figure out who's the daddy out of my 3 boyfriends, I will ;)

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zigzagtrail said...

o O
Serious ? Ha Ha
This is same ol praveen

Arpita said...

Dude..where have you been all this while? I thought I lost my only reader who comments :D
Glad you are back :)

Serious? You bet, I am!

zigzagtrail said...

Hi Hi
Your aunties would not like it :)
So you in Germany or back to India ?

zigzagtrail said...

Quite a similar situation here

Arpita said...

As annoying the questions is, equally annoying the answer gets to be! I come!
I am back home.