Thursday, July 8, 2010

Everything is fine...

I have been in pain for years and sometimes I really wish it wasn’t there.

Just a single day when I didn’t have to summon all my physical and mental strength to get off the bed.

A single night of tranquility without sedatives.

A single step without a limp.

An effortless breath of air.

An appetite for life.

Its funny but sometimes the “normal things” in life become an immoderate ambition!

And no, it’s not "all in my head". You don’t SEE my soreness, because I deliberately overlook my own pain....and efficiently enough. Pain is isolating. Hence, it’s often polite, simpler and happier to hide it than to apologize for it.

Nevertheless, there are times when the pain intimidates you..The fleeting moments of failure make you vulnerable enough to ask “WHY ME”? But, so is life, you didn't choose one, you were only gifted with one. And the least I can do with my life is to live it with dignity and hope. A hope that I will be happy. A hope I will be “normal” :)

So, next time you ask me if I am in pain and I say “Everything is fine”, trust me...I am healing.

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Rahul Mohan Arora said...

beautiful!! i so wish to hug you right now! Take care Arp... :)

Arpita said...

Me too! Virtual chalega?
Tx..I will :)

Rahul Mohan Arora said...

for the time being, yes. I would want a real one when you get here! please arrange for it ASAP! :)

Arpita said...

:) Call that done!