Saturday, December 26, 2009

The bitter-sweet life :)

Three days of tandem "makkhi-maaroing" sessions in a doctor’s clinic can leave you somewhere between highly amused and supremely annoyed!!

Even if you are the sanest of all, madness may take its toll…especially when the doctor bombs you with such a “thought-provoking” question…" what do you think happened to your back?"

Amongst the trillions of barbed responses to the question rattling inside your head and an urgent fancy to yell “Whaaaaaaaaaaaatttt? Do you think I would be coming to you if I had known?”, you control your mouth from flip opening and barking.

After carrying out more tests than the NASA scientists would conduct to launch a space shuttle, all he had to say was “The blut (blood) looks gut (good). So, I don’t know”

“Wow…how bright is that?” I was speechless! I took the deepest exaggerated breath I could and left. Passive still some aggression..isn’t it?

OMG, my head starts spinning to even think about the next visit. God..I seriously think the intelligent life on Earth is getting extinct. Anyhow...until I see him again, I am treating myself to the surprise Christmas goodies my very thoughtful room-mate has gifted me (Chocolates=Endorphins=may be Feel Good Factor)

BTW when I was a kid, chocolates used to mean only Cadbury. And whenever Cadbury pings inside my head, the advertisement that has the most recall value is this particular one. Ohhhhhh..I used to loooooooooove this girl!

Hmmm...someone said "Being sick might not be fun…but being spoiled surley is!" ;) So while I hog on the chocolates to test the “apparent high” the neurologists claim, you go and check out the video :)


justforpraveen said...

Back pain could be as serious as Ankylosing Spondylitis so go through a very detailed check-up and take care of yourself.

One of my friend had this and he suffered from eye problems very often. Also back pain always became worse when he used to stay idle or sleep.


Arpita said...


Well..I guess God was utterly confused/ frustrated while he was putting together my bones..hahahahaha

I have something called sacroillitis + idiopathic scoliosis(sounds dnt bother ;))
So I know what I have, just that I don't know what to do.
Keeps getting worse.

justforpraveen said...

I am sure you will be all right soon [:)]

Arpita said...

Thanks :)