Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thank You

I always persuaded myself not to harbor any non-realistic anticipations from people.
To foist others with a set of expectations, that one or none out of million people may be able to reach, is not an optimistic statistics.
But strange as it may sound, sometimes people you have hardly known or you least expected reach out to you so deeply, that you face difficulty in even expressing how thankful you are to them.

There was a note on my work bench today. I think I know who kept it.

“The road is hard and love softens it.
Love yourself.
Know yourself and understand your value.

Be good to yourself, please.”

P.S.More than what you did, I will always acknowledge when and how you did it.
It was still painful, but for a change, I was "happily in pain" today :)
Thank You.

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