Monday, September 14, 2009

A man of many desires.

Blind seeks eyes
Limp chases a step
Mute craves to break the silence
And deaf wishes to follow the harmony of the chimes.

Thirsty awaits the rain
Empty stomach aches for food
Wealthy is pinned on to the riches
And poor dreams of the filthy shekels.

Innocent beseeches justice
Slave wrenches freedom
Helpless is ravenous for power
And the strong hunts the weak.

Nomad wanders for a home
Lost scours for a destination
Solitary calls for another soul
And unrequited love seeks consent.

Virgin yearns for communion
Spinster desires a companion
Widowed pines for a spouse
And an empty womb longs to bear the fruit.

Dreamless is in search of sleep
Honesty twinges for truth
Broken strings twitch for a melody.
And the dying prays for life.

In search of the unsearchable,
Running behind what’s beyond our chase,
Asking for what’s always denied
Is Man.
“A man of many desires...”


Harish Nandagopal said...

ummm..!! thr isnt any fun without a chase in anything, is it..?? else the word achievement will only be in dictionaries to read..!!

Elamparithi Jayamani said...

Beautiful and thought- provoking read
A man many desires – truths universally acknowledged and difficult to resist....:)

justforpraveen said...

Good song

Arpita said...

I buy your statement.
Just that sometimes in our run for life, we forget what we are running for.

Arpita said...

@Elamparithi & Praveen
Tx a bunch:)
Iam glad that my thoughts found room.