Saturday, September 5, 2009

Can't get it out of my head!

I guess the only functional key on my iPod these days is <<back<<

I have listened to this song, non-stop, for roughly 100 times . And I'm sure I will play it a gazillion times more!

Call that usual, if not normal with me. I listen to a song. Get hooked on to something. And then listen to it endlessly in a row, until I get tired of it!

I have been singing in my sleep. Got to find something else, soon :)


justforpraveen said...

Hah, Looks like I have not been listening Hindi songs since a while.

everything "Kaminey" in this song :P

Arpita said...

But come to think of it..we all have a kameena element in us..nai??, just that some are chote kaaminey, some bade kaminey, some big time kaminey..
I loved the song more for its lyrics..Gulzar sa'ab ko salute :)

justforpraveen said...

Yup indeed its an interesting song :)

Arpita said...