Saturday, August 8, 2009

"That" Feeling..

After watching a stupid-stupid movie until 3am and 5 hours of snoozing, I woke up to yet another Saturday.


Nothing. I just wanted to maaro a grand crib that I really miss that “I’m home” feeling, especially on the weekends. And thought the prologue would make it sound a little less of a whine ;)

Well..It’s hard to explain it, but its been really long since I hadthat feeling. You know what I mean?

Something like dunking your face in to the heavenly Pav Bhaaji for breakfast while reading the cheap filmi section of the newspaper. I’m talking about that “Screw-the-deadlines-Duniya-gayi- bhand-main-Let-me-eat-my-Pav-Bhaaji-Thank you” type total bliss.

Being alone is a way of life and may be you are strong enough to live it. BUT once in a while it’s nice to be reminded that you may exploit the privilege of being a daughter, a child. Bole toh, take few things for granted.

I wonder if it's always the big things in life that’s worth the sweat. Sometimes it's the “small things” that's worth living for too.

And may be “Feeling Alive; Being Happy” is “The” feeling I’m talking about.


justforpraveen said...

Gosh..I stumbled upon your post and now I feel too nostalgic :)

Arpita said...

Errrr..I know..Pav Bhaji is capable of "uksaaophying" big time nostalgia :P

We feel nostalgic about things we loved and were happy about.

And I dont mind searching for happiness in the right places, even if its a freaking hot pan of bhaaji and pav drooling with butter :D

Waise khana banana aata hai?

justforpraveen said...

Oh yes :).
I cook well (that's what I think),

Arpita said...

Good..good hai:)
I guess all guyz with some exceptions (***hint-hint*** for some ppl in the US)end up learning to cook if they are putting up alone!