Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mote..Happy Birthday :)

If Mother Nature could jhelo you for 26 long years, I guess I have to forgive you for messing up with my head for the past 16 !

I am so very glad that God bestowed you with 1 more year, so that you can continue to tolerate me calling you vile names, act dumb and snigger, just to make me feel good at the end of the day :)

Jerk, Happy Birthday!

Bless you.


Rahul said...

Thanks a ton honey :) .. guess even i can "forgive" you for being late for 24 hrs! lol... cheers!



Arpita said...

Wait..where is my big bundle of rolled-up newspaper???
One tight **THWACKKKK**

Rahul said...

ahh, dont hurt my a**, that's a valuable asset i have :)

when you come here, i want you to make a nice chocolate cake for me to compensate for the "lateness" you showed!

Arpita said...

Abbe??I wasn't thinking thaaaaaat "low" ;)
'Chocolate cake'?? Woh kya hota hai???