Sunday, July 12, 2009


Damn..I’m so freaking tired I could possibly sleep for the next 24 hours…neat!

In fact, I really had to keep pinching myself while coming to the Uni today, else I could have easily made an involuntary (and unconscious) trip of entire Ulm..(and with that muchchad-buddha-sadooo driver giving me the only would not have been such a romantic experience after all!)

Every bone in my body is giving a masala-papad-like cracking sound (No kidding!) and my neck is the worst; so much so that I would choose to be beheaded if only it could stop the pain!

This is exacccccctly how I am feeling right now :( :( ------>


justforpraveen said...

Does that mean u participated in a marathon race? :)

Arpita said...

Apun ko toh 100m sprint bhari par jata hai, aap marathon ki baat kar-rele ho :D
Does running 24X7 in the lab counts?

Giacomo said...

that was also me last friday... super!


Arpita said...

Giacomo?? Is that really you (As in Giacomo Lanza??)
How are you doing??So how's your work comin up? Long time..rt?How did you come across the blog?