Monday, July 13, 2009


“Come on, what do you think makes you women sexy….huh?”

For a guy who uses words as ridiculous as “phantasmagorical” while composing a sentence, that should have come easy. ***

Now dude, it’s difficult to put down in words what I may find sexy in a man, and you are asking about women??? In principle it’s a very subjective question and it’s sad that I need to stick my oar in! But since you sincerely asked for it, hope I do justice :)

Sexy is elusive.

It can be an uninhibited laugh or a silent whisper.

It can be a casual glance or a mystical smile.

It can be pair of unknown eyes in the crowd or a clutter of heels on a polished floor.

Short-n-Tall, Chubby-n-Skinny, Young-n-Old, Black-n-White; anything and everything that lies in between. It can be sexy or not.

What makes it so is the mystery it exudes.The uniqueness it possesses.

Sexy is attitude.

Sexy is being yourself.

The comfort in your own skin.

A woman’s repository of sensuality is right inside her head.

P.S. ***
1. Ab kya kare humri angreji tanik kamjor hai ! Aap ke bhaari-bharkam sabdwa hamarko samajh nahi aawat hain.
2. Now ee hai tohar liye ispesal translesan: I’m linguistically stunted when it comes to your American sitcom comedy. So, it would be highly appreciated if you please don't exend it to mundane conversations with me ((us); yeah we have a consensus out here...Yeayyyyyyyyyy!). Thank You.

P.P.S. Tanuj, for obvious reasons the poem had to be heaved up from your comment section. Hope I have your consent :)

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