Thursday, July 9, 2009


Jerk (A nosy colleague of mine I would love to do without :/ ): "Where are you going?"

Me: "Mouse room"

Jerk: "Why?"

Me: "To make mouse pakoda."

Jerk: "What’s paaakoooodaaaaa? Is it like daaael? (Well..he is referring to "daal"...And only God knows how I should spell what he actually calls it!)

Me: (Disappear before I kill you!!): "No. It’s that round-yellow-oily thing I made and you hogged on the other day. Just that mouse pakoda has a tail hanging out. Easy to fry!"


Elamparithi said...

i hope Jerk is not a chinese colleague or else u gotta give him recipe ...kidding

Arpita said...

1.With every 4th individual being a Chinese on this planet.
2.70% of my lab being Chinese,
you cant rule out the possibilty:P

But I would rather choose to play it safe and do away with the names:D

And recipie de meri jooti:P Pakode khila diye hain , more than enough!

justforpraveen said...

My Chinese boss tried moderate sized samosas which they call as "curry puff" and he felt stuffed for the entire day ha ha..I told him he just had "snacks" only hi hi

Arpita said...

Arre ek samose main itna remorse?
I remember when my Ma used to eventually get tired of makind such super-drooling stuff..she used to ask"aur chahiye?"
All we used to say is "keep it coming, baby!"