Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hate is too big a word!

A few days ago, I had one of my “slapped on the face” moments.

“Silence thou uncouth tongue” is the ideology I’m following these days but unfortunately, there are times and there are people, on whom you just can stop aiming those outrageous zings and arrows, of the verbal sort! And need I mention the history of writing people off? I don’t think so! Hahahahahahaha

So here I was, snapping at a particular someone and signing off with a hope (yeah..hope..the level of detest is that veryyyyyyyy high!), that this final note would shun him for good.

But God makes sure that you don’t impose virtues and vices on the humankind, and that it is only his bloody business! So, as unexpected as it could get, the person got back and suggested to conciliate.

Now, it will take me some time to bring myself to like that person. I know it’s very bad. But I’m human! It takes some time and I’m slow. But I sincerely appreciate the gesture, even more because it served as an impetus for me to get rid of my own biased set of opinions. Thanks.

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