Thursday, May 7, 2009

How true!

"Sólo porque alguien no te ame como tú quieres, no significa que no te ame con todo su ser. "

>>>Just because someone does not love you the way you want them to, does not mean that they do not love you with all their soul.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 1982 Nobel Laureate in Literature.

P.S.Those who have read "Love in the time of cholera" know him well :)


Anand said...
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Anand said...

I also happenned to have read this boring book. Maybe its true. That's the great thing about many books, thought-provocations. If one never thought thus, it stimulates your those thinkings. Lucky are those who are loved but then who is not loved. There is always somebody who loves you but being loved the way one wants to be is a wonderful gift only few get. This is something too thoughtful thing to be put on comments.

Arpita said...

Yeah..sometimes even I had to flip pages to run over the painstaking details. But boring??Naaaahhh.. I loved the figurative language of the book and the fact that the book gave a very atypical view of love.
That love is not always a delightful experience. It can be devastating enough to devour your entire life, and know in the end that it was unrequited.

Anand.. as I have learned it over the years, love is not a matter of How’s and Why’s. Neither a procedure with defined steps nor a guided tour with definite stops. It’s a state of mind. Sometimes it’s just enough to know that the person loves you. That’s it.

Arpita said...

BTW..boring????Aaj se aapko books ki udhaari band :P

Anand said...

books ki udhaari ko main right samajhhta hoon, generosity nahin. So, nobody can seize my rights :-)
No conclusion intended by this two-cents of mine but still I'll stop with just this (else I can go on and on): unrequited love is not for people who love themselves.

Arpita said...

“Narcissus so himself forsook,
And died to kiss his shadow in the brook.”