Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Speaking with a memory...

I don’t know what prompted me to search her number and get back to her. But I did.

“The number you have dialled does not exist.”Shut up!! &%$§*”!!!!

I searched through my soiled..ragged old telephone diary for her house number.Nope.
Idiot!!You even jotted down your maali’s number but not hers!!!

Okiee..think…think…Ping!! Did you search through your birthday reminder book??

Yuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… Got it..Finally!!

I stomped the telephone keys immediately. Her mom picked up the phone.Now beat this…Aunty recognised my voice!! Wow…It’s been 5 freaking years!!! Needless to say it was so overwhelming :)

Unfortunately she wasn’t home.

And although got her new number..somehow I just couldn’t get through her. After series of hide-n-seek trials of me calling her and she doing pretty much the same, but not being able to speak, eventually we spoke today.

The initial 5 min were tough.

Stupid made such a huge ruckus searching her number.. now why don’t you speak??

The past has passed in a blur. What on earth should I speak??

You see its fun to remember the person you used to be (I was a dumb ass for sure!!!) and college days sure trigger some fond memories. But re-connecting to the old times without facing a trade-off with your current identity is difficult! You move terms of time, space, aspirations and people and so does the other person.

We chatted for exactly 19 min 42 sec. But the conversation was timeless.

Send me your picture was the parting message.

P.S.Neha was one of my closest friend in college and the only scapegoat for my idiosyncrasies then.

P.P.S. Text in italics is Arpita thinking out aloud..just in case ;)

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