Monday, June 1, 2009

A matter of age.

"At times of opposed school of thoughts, always remember this. Blue and Red are both beautiful colors. If I say I like Blue, doesn’t mean I hate Red. Just that at that point of time Blue is the choice I have made, without treating the color Red with contempt. "

"Decisions in life are simple, provided you don’t seek consent in others for all your actions and emotions. Yeah..requires hell lot of self-assessment and even more self-conviction, but we all have to shoulder responsibility at some point of time in our life. Don’t we?"

"Whenever you are lost and search for a purpose in life there, just look back once. Your absence makes an unexplainable void in the lives of some people back home…your people. Please don’t defeat the purpose."

That’s my younger sister speaking :)

She doesn’t have answers to all my questions, all the time; but she always listens and that suffices. And there times, we are perfectly comfortable even without speech.

Maturity isn’t a matter of age. Bits of life and pieces of experience is the route, may be.

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