Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The purpose of his life...

If you haven’t heard of someone whose definition of art is the spider web on the ceiling of his room, then let me have the pleasure of introducing you to LUIS.

With an outrageously biting wit, this colleague of mine has never failed to zing his target!

Exaggerating, am I?

Okieee ..picture the excerpts from one of our many, rather mundane, beating around the bush conversations.

BTW its late hours of the night and we are sick of still working in the lab.

Arrrpaaa(Yeah..that’s what he calls me): Luis, what’s the purpose of life?

Luis: To procreate.

Arrrpaaa: Errrrrrrrrrrrr what??? That’s all you are living for??

Luis: Until you have procreated you are dead!

Arrrpaaa : I get the sting of irony!! Alright, I’m a waste by your tangential standards. But you are dead too!

Luis (with a small wry smile twisting at the corners of his mouth): Well I’m not sure...

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