Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bad day ?? Naaaah :)

Today was a big time disaster.

The Lab Meeting was extremely sloppy, long and unproductive.

Following which, I ended up wasting myself and the highly awaited, 15 min lunch break with a dandy’s intellectually stagnant, self-indulgent crap. Wish I could empty the whole ketchup sachet up his nose!!
The supposedly progressive thinker didn’t approve of teetotaler, non-smoking females. Apparently we are not-so-smart-and-not-so-happening-fusty parcels-of-the-opposite-sex, who are darn unsure of themselves.
Indeed. I’m stuck-up-in stone age because I sip lemonade , I’m uncool because I don’t play psychedelic rock and I’m not smart because I don’t know how to exclaim “Bravo” to my boss’s highly stupid ideas which are fit enough to make their way in to the Encyclopedia of Idiocy. But then I have learned to be myself, with most ease and least noise and that too without falling off the bar stools every night!And I’m happy about it. Period.

BTW, people don’t look cool, charming and articulate with their fly unzipped, either. So, dude rather channelize your attention at the right places.

Well, the long lasting feud between back pain and work eventuated in busting up my whole day, experiments included! Hahahahaha. Sleepy and exhausted as I returned to my office to finally gulp down a glass of water . Yipeeee!!!!The Boss popped out of nowhere to irk me further. I tried to act busy, but as lady luck would have it…Ping! Calvin and Hobbes waiting on a minimized window suddenly showed up. (Yeah, I’m indebted to mankind for coining the over-rated word “Luck”..the blaming business becomes easier, even if it does no other good!).

God you really know which buttons of mine to push..and you push them with greatest deliberation, don’t you?

But, as always, C&H was worth the embarrassment. Cracked me up, for good.


tanuj solanki said...

nice piece of c&h there

mr. dandy is a dude it!

booze makes one more expressive... stupidly i must add...tats his idea i guess... u may try if stupidity comes easy to you... (not a suggestion though...friendly banter!)

btw smoking is a sin if one is educated... i have done it long enough to know that it kills... so stop listening to dandy on tat...

but by no parameter is teetotaler uncool... he must out of his wits to say that... and yeah being unzipped only adds to the image i am making in my head...haha


and thanks for the comments...

Arpita said...

Dude? ‘dud’ sounds better!

The guy suffers from a major I’m-not-ready-to-declare-independence-from-my-preconceived-notions syndrome!

Rest assured, the two cents do not count, esp when I see it coming from a guy who needs to get a thorough check up of the frontal lobes of his brain! Infact, whenever I look at him I’m convinced that God does have a good sense of humor!!

BTW, Tanuj, I’m a bit flummoxed over the contents of your comment!

If stupidity would come easy to me, I wouldn’t need booz to be “stupidly expressive”, right? Untamed expressions come effortlessly to me!

Secondly, “smoking is a sin if one is educated... i have done it long enough to know that it kills...”So you mean to say, fagging wasn’t a sin or you were not educated enough all this while?

tanuj solanki said...

the sense of stupidity will come after the booze party is over... if you are ok with that, then booze is ok!

i was always educated :)
... but a bit too young (may be restless/rebellious) i guess to accept all the bad that smoking can do... now i believe it really is a sin for all who know its bad effects... i have quit and it feels better!

justforpraveen said...

Hah ! I had this kinda feelings everyday in my previous job. I had a minimum of 4 meetings each single day !And life was absolutely chaotic.