Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A pocketful of memories on Diwali

Attention: What may follow might sound sickeningly mawkish.
So, please grin and bear else brush aside if sounds highly insipid!

Today as Diwali arrives in all its sounds and sparkles, I’m trying to gather my handful of memories. Regardless of the mythological events Ma used to narrate to build up my reverence for day, the day, for me was more of a reaffirmation of the fact that I was with the people I loved most in my life.

Today all those memories I congregated make me miss,

Ma-Papa, for everything.

Mun n Tumps,for being the people they are in my life.

Dadu-Dida, for their unceasing aashirwaad.

Rahul, Shivi, Sri for simply being there, always, no matter how far!

Tiny twinkling diyas, for making my home look the way it would have looked.

Aarti, panchmitra, prasad and kumkum for imparting an air of serenity and completion to our pooja-ghar.

The cloying mishtis and lip-smacking namkeens that would have made Ma miss me(and is making me envy the petu Bachcha Party back home!!)

The cold feel of mehndi on my palms and all the paraphernalia that would go in to making its colour turn out as dark as possible.

The endless trials of Diwali salwar-kameez and the obvious tantrums of it not fitting thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat well, blowing up Ma’s last hidden fuse!

The customary exchange of Diwali-thali’s and mithai dabbas and the by default wish that nobody gives us burfi!!

Papa’s camera, which would have struggled massively for squeezing the entire battalion inside the frame alongwith a generous dose of phooljhadis and anars.

The nosy-little kids in Munirka who would have punctured my eardrums with their never-ending ladi’s.

All the colony aunty’s who would have succeeded in pushing that extra gulab-jamun, very conveniently down my throat.

The entire Dada and Di gang that would have turned up for Kaali-pujo.

Gobbling down Thakur’s mool bhog, 1 in the night.

Scraping off the melted candles on the balcony walls next day, collecting and re-melting the wax to make a “brand new” candle!

These and many more.

For good times don’t last but fond memories do. And I’ll always be glad that I was a part of these lovely moments frozen in time.

Happy Diwali!


tanuj solanki said...

"Scraping off the melted candles on the balcony walls next day, collecting and re-melting the wax to make a “brand new” candle!"

I remember being fascinated by this on atleast three diwalis

Arpita said...

Ironically, I didn't do it for the last three!