Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dho dala!!!

Hey did you ever try boiling your clothes??
I just did!!!Hehehahaha..

Factually speaking, kudos to my moronic, lofty washing machine for doing the honors.
The clothes had boiled like hell. So I wouldn’t be surprised if all my white shirts have turned blue and my blue denims have gladly donated their color.

And thanks to my boiling clothes which emitted a foggy-hazy-smoky thing of mysterious composition,I practically hallucinated landing up in swarg when I went to sukhao them!!

Waise..saaaaaaaare keetanu (arre germs baba) mar gaye.


Harish - Check it out said...

boiling the water eh..!! some new methodology, hwever do they still fit u..?? thts main question..?? :D

justforpraveen said...

To speed up cleaning ink based pens of mine once upon a time my mom did try boiling approach. And she forgot about it so the stove was on for around half and hour. All that was left was distorted plastic in weird shapes.I was in tears as all my "lucky" pens had become history hi hi while my mom was gently smiling as there was nothing much she could do except buying me new .

Few weeks back I had fun washing and rewashing cloths several times after I dissolved a entire few hundred pages novel by washing it along in my washing machine.

Elamparithi said...

hey hope u r not talking about autoclave.....hahaha

Arpita said...

Oh yes!Surprisingly they still do!Just that "rang ud gaya hai"!!

Arpita said...

Hmm..the incident reminds me of one of my friends, who though very bright, would never sit down to study..And when his mom also ""cleaned"" his lucky pens by boiling them to glory, supposidely, for days he was too grief stricken to read!!

Hahahahaha..the mother of all washing disasters...novel dho daali?
Kitaabon se koi allergy hai??

Arpita said...

Bingo!Are you into life sciences?

Elamparithi said...

yes i am microbiologist..

Arpita said...

@ Elamparithi
I guessed so, with the technical jargon (autoclave)doing the wonder!

tanuj solanki said...

how did this happen....funny nevertheless!

Arpita said...

Well..I got absolutely no clue, except the speculation that old age is making its nuts and bolts go bonkers!!