Thursday, June 26, 2008

To be or not be...that is the question!

I ain’t someone who can play around with words to perfection, nor do I have this burning desire to translate my thoughts in to words, to satiate the writer in me.

Then why am I here? Well..I am as inquisitive.

To pen down ones thoughts is a passion for some, a vent out for others and a yearning for public acknowledgement for another clan. For me none of the aforementioned fits the bill (not that I mind the public appraisal though!!!)

For me it’s a clueless journey to …where?? (Well…that’s as clueless as it can get!!)

There are zillions of things I know about myself. Umpteen personal experiences to look back upon, rejoice or remorse, but Iam either skeptical or rather scared to accept or share and writing might as well serve as a platform (voila, my first step to understand why I chose to sit in front of my lappy, starve myself n blog rather than hit the kitchen n cook!!!). Never mind…am relishing every bit of it!

WHY??? Well..This still remains elusive, but I guess, writing for me is curative.(Hey hey hey..this calls for a brief clarification too!! I am not suffering from MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), like an entangled protagonist in the story of my life, neither I am a patient of temporary amnesia where writing would help me figure out my past.) I suppose, introspection and expression of uninhibited thoughts tantalize me towards writing, and that’s therapeutic for my soul...

Last but not the least, the ambiguity of blogging (at least for beginners like me) where, as of now, there are no expectations or discernment standing at the threshold, is indeed comforting.

So here Iam, hopeful to string up some vague memories or naive thoughts, for yet more episodes that follow..

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Anand said...

agar purana profile delete nahin kiya hota to main cope paste maar deta :-(