Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gol gappa..naam main kya rakha hai bhai???

Saddi Dilli’s golgappa, paanipuri in Mumbai, , poochka of my very own Kolkata or Bihar ka gupchup they say..what’s in a name?

Whenever I think of it, the restless picture my sister flashes before my eyes. According to whom it is THE greatest invention of man!! She would raise her spectacles n emphasise:“Pata hai its the fastest fast food. Can be served under 5sec..Sexyyyyyyyy !!”or “Arre requires no cutlery…no table manners needed..bas mooh kholo aur gup.”
The mere mention of golgappa would be enough to stimulate her gastric juices and hyperactivate some special taste buds (only committed to savour the taste of golgappa).

Be it picking up veggies from sabzi mandi or buying stationary, the ultimate halt would be the roadside golgappe ki dukaan. Not to forget the patented exuse doing the rounds “Kya karoon yaar, college se aate aate bahut bhook lag jaati hai, control nahi hota!! (BTW did I mention the strategically placed, geographical location of our local golgappa waala?Bingo..just next to the bus stop, and now you know why!!).

And yes nothing could beat the instant recognition and glow on golgappa waala bhaiya’s face, thanks to his daily cushtomer (my sis..aka ”Medam” ) 50% of whose pocket money would be traded off at his chaat bhandar. Alhough, gradually she managed to get some dishcount on every plate.

Hmm. amidst her heavenly journey of gulping down these endless savouries were our heated arguments (Nothing less than Mushrraf-Bajpai Agra summit).

Sister:“Khaale khaale moti nahi hogi !!".
Myself:“OMG, paani bahut teekha aur khatta hai, resembles brackish pond water !!”
Sister:“Idiot!! Kitna tasty aur refreshing hai! Mast thirst quencher !!”
Myself:“Chee..Munmun..kitna ganda aur unhygienic hai !
Sister:“Oye laloo, tujhe pata hai, isse immunity kitni badti hai?Mujhe kabhi zukhaam hua hai?Bhaiya, thoda paani aur dena toh.”

Well…no comments..

Any how..coming back to golgappa..every chaat corner in Delhi has a “pershonal touch’..not only attributed to the sweat that trickles down the golgappa waala’s hands (thanks to Delhi’s soaring temperature ) but the cumulative effect of every customers slobber (courtesy improperly washed plates), which adds to the special taste that’s not reproducible even the next day!

Due to hygiene concerns, the bhaiyas in Delhi now wear gloves, disposable plates occupy the shelves and the Bisleri water has replaced the usual water (undisclosed resources n hence mysterious).And not to forget the new Vodka-Golgappa , that occupies the limelight. But all this is a subject of protest by the so called golgappa loving clan (definitely my sis being No.1 on the list holding a katori rather than a winners cup),according to whom,”Ab mazza nahi aata yaar ”(pershonal touch is lost???)

Nevertheless she still shares with me her golgappa gulping expeditions from different corners of Delhi (yes..sitting seven seas away too) and sets out a pitiable cry “Tujhe nahi pata tu life main kya miss kar rahi hai dudette !!” comments..


traveler said...

:)... nice stuff di...
well in bangalore we call it morrie(gutter) poorie.... well one can not deny the fact that the best golgappas are the roadside ones.... the more unhygenic it is the better it tastes.... wonder what the secret ingredient is.... is the sweat??? the gutter ka pani??? hmmm... what ever it is it who cares as long as it tastes good.... hail the gol gappa walas & cheers to all the golgappa lovers.....

munmun said...

Tell girish that along with gutter water and other stuff,there's nose diggings as well.Hmmm,thats the secret behing the lip-smacking water.Yaar,aajkal nahin kha pa rahi.I haven't had gol guppe since the past one month.Missing the "aqua guard" hygiene gauranteed by the vendors(agarwall's).

Arpita said...

Dude, Mun told me to tell u that I missed out on one of the critical ingredients behind the mind-blowing taste of could I??Just how could I forget the individual contribution made by each golgappa waalas nose?Thanks Mun..nahi to aaj mujhse Bahut bada anyay ho jata!!